We have a clear vision to be part of globalisation by creating and developing brands, concepts and solutions that will one day become recognisable.

— Freddie Achom 

Founder & CEO, Rosemont Group

Investment methodology

Private equity >

Rosemont Group investments are undertaken with a set of goals, preferences and investment strategies.We are capable of injecting private capital into a target company to nurture expansion, product development, restructuring of the company’s operations – management or ownership.

Leveraged finance >

Rosemont Group will only employ this strategy to achieve a specific objective.This will usually be only to invest in a self-sustaining cash-generating asset.

Recapitalisation >

Rosemont Group can be investors in recapitalisation such that we intimately understand the prerequisite and triggers for such transactions.In this type of deal we can find quick and efficient solutions.

Restructuring >

Rosemont Group is capable of investing its expertise in an existing organisation.We can therefore assist in reorganising the financial, legal, ownership, operational, or other structures of a partnership company for the purpose of making it more profitable or better organised for its present and future needs.


Children are our future — Through the Rosemont Group Foundation we work with the next generation of future leaders and budding entrepreneurs, helping to inspire and cultivate ambition.


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